Sleepover Party

October 31, 2007 on 10:27 am | In Asian

When you have two hot babes playing and flirting with each other, you’re sure to have one hell of a hardon. Here’s Anara and Lesla and these two beautiful chicks are friends. When Lesya migrated to America, she was only 13 and there met Anara. The two became friends and would usually stay at each other’s house.

Sleepover Party Sleepover Party Sleepover Party

Now that both are 21, they’re already playing a different game. They love this game so much, they even dressed up for this. Lesya was wearing a schoolgirl uniform while Anara was all covered up in a hot pink top and black skirt. They then started rubbing each other’s cunts and kissing wildly on the bed.

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Sam Learns Something New

October 30, 2007 on 10:24 am | In Black

Younger women are easily attracted to older men. Maybe they like the fact that older men know more about sex and have a lot to teach. So when Sam met Henry in a nearby bar, she immediately took the mature stud to her pad so that he could teach her some new lessons about pleasure.

Sam Learns Something New Sam Learns Something New Sam Learns Something New

Henry sure had some things to teach. First, he took things slow and took his time seducing this black teen. He made her lie down and he started eating her pussy till she had two orgasms. She was so aroused that she stuffed her mouth with his cock the moment Henry got his fly open and when she can’t take it anymore, she begged Henry to ram her pussy hard.

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Angelica Needs Cash

October 29, 2007 on 10:14 am | In Latinas

We spotted Angelica shopping and we knew that this latina babe was just perfect for our next shoot. She was beautiful – gorgeous silky hair, deep brown eyes and a smile that could melt anyone’s heart. She was just the perfect picture of sexy and sweet and we wanted to have this mamacita naked and waiting for us in bed.

Angelica Needs Cash Angelica Needs Cash Angelica Needs Cash

Turned out Angelica needed a little cash and so she immediately agreed and went over to our house. We can’t help but stare at her beautiful face but when she started stripping, we can’t help but gaze down at those round tits. Her babies are just perfect – small but a handful and topped with pink nips. We wanted to stre longer but then, she took off her lacy panties and finally we had a great view of her spicy cunt.

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Slut Potential

October 28, 2007 on 10:05 am | In Asian

When we first saw Elvie, we knew that this exotic babe would make a great sex toy. She just has that special quality that you should look for in a slut – someone who’s a little shy and hesitant at first but after a little coaxing and encouraging would eagerly spread her legs wide and even offer her ass for your cock. We knew that Elvie has that special quality and we sent our man Arjay to check her out.

Slut Potential Slut Potential Slut Potential

Arjay first made sure that Elvie is relaxed and comfortable. He invited her for a swim and when these two started kissing, Arjay knew that it was the perfect time to test Elvie’s potential. He made this babe sit on his face and when she eagerly plopped her wet pussy on his mouth, he knew he had a chance. Her final test was to have her slutty face sprayed with cum and this Asian babe sure passed with flying colors.

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Black Babe Masturbating

October 27, 2007 on 10:00 am | In Black

What really makes us men crazy about teens is the fact that they don’t really know much but they’re so willing to learn more. They are easily swayed to strip but they’re still a little hesitant when it comes to fucking. All that teasing and that fresh young body can have it’s desired effect on a man and it takes a whole lot of self-control not to go near her and fuck them hard and good.

Black Babe Masturbating Black Babe Masturbating Black Babe Masturbating

That’s why we were all a little scared when we were filming Daphne. She just turned 18 and this black babe is slim and beautiful. Thse small tits just look sumptuous with their big nipples and her bushy box makes her look so virginal and unspoiled. We all wanted to have a go at Daphne but this babe is still off limits. Good thing she was a little sympathetic and gave us a little show to sate our appetites until the time that we could finally ram her young pussy hard.

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Ice Makes Fire

October 26, 2007 on 9:55 am | In Latinas

We thought that since we’ve seen a lot of Latina babes naked, this one wouldn’t really affect us that much. We were wrong though. When we were greeted by Ice Sylvio in just a flirty mini skirt that already shows off her plump ass, we knew that this babe is different and that it would be difficult filming her with our hardons. Heck, it would be difficult just staring and not being able to do much with her hot body just waiting for our touch.

Ice Makes Fire Ice Makes Fire Ice Makes Fire

That’s why maybe we don’t blame our guy Hans that much. He just can’t help but fuck this babe when she started spreading and gave us one great view of her spicy latina cunt. It looked so yummy and wet, Hans just grabbed her and pushed his cock deep into her cunt. She didn’t mind and in fact straddled him hard giving us a great view of her spread ass cheeks and that pink tight rosebud.

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Marketing Strategy

October 25, 2007 on 9:51 am | In Black

Shaniqua and Kelly are beautiful cheerleaders and these babes are looking for some help. You see, their competition is right around the corner and these black teens need a little help with their uniforms. They go from one office to another looking for some sponsors but when they realize that it’s not working, these hotties soon proceed to a different kind of marketing.

Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy

Shaniqua and Kelly went to the ofice in their slutty cheerleader outfits. When they met with the owners, these cheerleaders were quick to flirt and tease them that they ended up going with the men in their pad. Shaniqua and Kelly soon start seducing the men to give them what they want and they really know how to use those tight cheerleader cunts and cheer like whores with their mouth stuffed with cock.

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Cami Gets DPed

October 24, 2007 on 9:51 am | In Asian

Asian babes really are great in bed. They don’t care what you make them do just as long as they please you and give you what you want. You can even take your buddy with you to have a little fun with some fine piece of Asian meat and these girls wouldn’t mind. In fact, they’d love it even more if they get one extra cock for their mouth or ass while somebody’s drilling their cunts.

Cami Gets DPed Cami Gets DPed 1c2.jpg

Take a look at Cami here. She’s one beautiful Asian babe with her slim body, small perky tits and plump ass. She first strips seductively and gives the men a show before going over and kissing them hard on the mouth. She then goes down to suck each of their cocks and then finally rides one hard on the sofa. Being a slut, this chick doesn’t even flinch when one stud rammed his huge erection in her ass and another in her cunt.

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Feather Boa Bitch

October 23, 2007 on 2:34 am | In Latinas

Wouldn’t you want to have a good time with our lovely girl Belinda. This latina babe is always eager to please and you can do anything you want with her tight young body. Her small tits are topped with very sensitive nipples  and her pussy is still as tight as ever. This mamacita don’t need much preliminaries, all you have to do with this slut is drive your cock deep into her waiting spicy hole.

Feather Boa Bitch Feather Boa Bitch Feather Boa Bitch

Belinda doesn’t even need to seduce a guy. She just has to spread wide and they’ll all come on their knees waiting to have a taste of her pussy juices. Here, she’s just using a feather boa to cover her petite body but it’s not really doing much because instead of hiding it, the feather boa just flaunts Belinda’s natural assets.

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Kira Follows Orders

October 22, 2007 on 2:27 am | In Asian

It’s hard to take on soldiers for they are always hungry for some pussy and won’t stop until they’ve had enough of some sweet pussy juices and some nice pussy meat. One soldier is already too much to handle and could get a little rowdy in bed but Kira doesn’t mind. She loves to be fucked hard and rough and she cums harder when she’s used like some cheap slut.

Kira Follows Orders Kira Follows Orders Kira Follows Orders

We weren’t sure though if she could take two soldiers at the same time. We thought that this girl sure would split but Kira rose up to the occassion like the real slut whe is. She handled their cocks real well and alternated between sucking them and getting fucked by them. She was even loving every minute of her DP and just loved it when she ended up coated in their fresh cum.

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