More of Ayiesha

November 30, 2007 on 10:02 am | In Black

Ayiesha’s back and this time, this black babe is more prepared to give out pleasure. She’s starts out all covered up in her denim catsuit and when she starts stripping, we find out that she’s only wearing a lace underwear where one could clearly see her nipples.

More of Ayiesha More of Ayiesha More of Ayiesha

It didn’t take long for Ayiesha to finally strip off all her clothes. She was already wet and we were hard as steel but we wanted to give Ayiesha more time and see just what she’d do. She was spreading and bending over for us and we could see that she was having one great time.

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Kelly Needs Cash

November 29, 2007 on 9:59 am | In Latinas

Searching out for new babes to feature is our favorite part of the job. There’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt so they say. We love finding you nice hot girls who are all willing to try out a different way to earn cash and willing to pawn their young hot bodies for it.

Kelly Needs Cash Kelly Needs Cash Kelly Needs Cash

Kelly here needs extra cash and she was willing to try out being our model. She thought that she’d just be flaunting her gorgeous black body in her white bikini but we told her that she’d have to work harder than that. This black babe has to ride our cocks and grind out that sweet pussy all over our mouths.

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Sandra Finger Fucks

November 28, 2007 on 9:59 am | In Asian

We just love babes who can take care of themselves. They know just how to please their hot bodies and they don’t need any help. All they ever want is our attention while they finger fuck their steaming hot cunts and bring themselves to one huge orgasm.

Sandra Finger Fucks Sandra Finger Fucks Sandra Finger Fucks

Take a look at Sandra here. This hot Asian babe was left all alone and being a responsible girl, this hottie has to take care of all her needs and she starts with her pussy’s needs. She’s been horny the whole day and she can’t wait to go home to finally rub oil all over her Asian fanny before slipping her fingers inside.

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Convincing Alice

November 27, 2007 on 9:55 am | In Black

Alice here is a black hottie who’s used to having her pussy stuffed with big black cocks. She didn’t believe us when we told her that white men could fill her hungry cunt just as much so we just had to hook her up with Steven. We could see that Alice was instantly attracted to Steven when she eagerly spread her legs for him but when she saw his package, she was finally convinced.

Convincing Alice Convincing Alice Convincing Alice

Of course, Alice has to try out his cock first and prove that we are right. She rode his cock and it sure made this bitch moan out loud when she finally got all of that white meat in. She was wild for Steven’s cock when she just fucked him over and over till he finally came hard and fast.

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Banging Antonia

November 26, 2007 on 9:31 am | In Latinas

We were more than pleased when our whore arrived and she looked as beautiful as Antonia. We just arrived in Mexico and we wanted a little taste os that famous latina cunt and dialled for a whore. We were surprised when Antonia came over but we sure were pleased with this mamacita and her goods.

Banging Antonia Banging Antonia Banging Antonia

Antonia here didn’t want to take time and got straight to the point when she cupped our guy Dan’s cock. He was rock hard in seconds and was playing with her clit right away. Of course, he had to try out her cunt so he made her grind her sweet cunt all over his face before he started banging her right there on the couch.

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Asian Babe Banged

November 25, 2007 on 9:27 am | In Asian

Cathy is the type of babe who’s easily aroused. When she see’s a hot hunk, she starts thinking of fucking him right away. When she starts flipping though erotic magazines, she just can’t help but start finger fucking her already sopping wet Asian cunt.

Asian Babe Banged Asian Babe Banged Asian Babe Banged

We found Cathy calling up her boyfriend after getting so aroused. She excitedly greets him with a kiss before going down to business and straight at his hard cock. Cathy’s sure not shy when she stripped and even offered her small tits for him to suck and play with while she prepares his cock for a hard fucking.

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Creaming Carmen

November 24, 2007 on 8:07 am | In Black

Black women really have curvaceous bodies. They have the biggest pair of tits and the biggest, roundest rears that any man could ever hope for. Not only that, these black babes love to be treated like sluts in bed and the dirtier the sex is, the harder they cum. So when we found out that Carmen Hayes was our next model, we knew that this was going to be nasty.

Creaming Carmen Creaming Carmen Creaming Carmen

Carmen knew what she was there for when she arrived in her slutty net stockings and garter belts. She didn’t even bother wearing a bra and with her 40D tits, why should she? Soon, our guy Peter was pumping his meat between those natural big tits and covering her melons with his fresh jizz.

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Catt’s Threesome

November 23, 2007 on 4:00 am | In Latinas

We love filming Catt for this latina hottie never forgets we’re in the same room with her. When she hooked up with two of her hot latino fuckfriends, she didn’t mind that we stayed on and filmed her fucking. She was even constantly checking if we got a good view of her spicy cunt and even smiles for the camera.

Catt’s Threesome Catt’s Threesome Catt’s Threesome

Catt took her time with us and with her two fuckfriends, making sure that both men were ready and hard enough for her. She started deep throating their cocks and even licking their hairy balls. When they were hard enough, Catt took her place in between these hot latinos so they could bang both her holes.

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Smoke Shagging

November 22, 2007 on 8:34 am | In Asian

Cleo’s one hot babe and everybody loves to have a piece of this Asian whore. But Cleo doesn’t come cheap though. This Asian slut needs to have a puff before she’d even let you close. She’s such a smoke addict she can’t even decide if she’d rather suck our guy Hans’ cock or puff a cigarette.

Smoke Shagging Smoke Shagging Smoke Shagging

Cleo decided that she wanted both so she alternated between sucking Hans’ cock and the cigarette. She even tried sucking him off with the smoke coming out from her mouth and it really sent Hans over the edge. She sure didn’t let go of the cigarette even whe she was having her pussy pounded hard.

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Mara’s a Tease

November 21, 2007 on 8:30 am | In Latinas

Mara’s back and we knew that we’re in for another exciting afternoon. She was all hot and ready for us when we got to her house and we were glad to find her in just her white top, white thong and sexy white high heels. She was quick to welcome us and she does this by french kissing us all and rubbing her huge tits against us.

Mara’s a Tease Mara’s a Tease Mara’s a Tease

Of course, we’re professionals and stopped ourself so that we could film her properly. She knew that we wanted her so bad, she made a show of taking her clothes off and posing for us until she’s just wearing her panties and heels. Her tits were sticking right straight at us and all we wanted to do then was to bang her latina hole hard.

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