Bestfriends Help Out

August 31, 2007 on 5:44 am | In Black

Amanda and Sam became friends because of one common trait – they are both horny sluts. These two hotties realized that they love cock so much and they even love pussy. So when these babes went to our studio to apply, we made sure to put them to the test.

4a.jpg 4b.jpg 4c.jpg

They immediately took off their clothes showing off great curves – hot tight asses and big firm tits. They grabbed our guy George and soon Amanda was impaled on his black cock and Sam was licking Amanda’s bushy box. Of course, we tested their oral skills and soon found out that slutty Amanda has a pierced tongue. Being friends, they always help each other as Amanda spreads Sam’s butt cheeks for George to drill her hole. Click here for more horny black sluts now!

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Naughty Naomi Fucked

August 30, 2007 on 5:30 am | In Asian

There’s always something sexy about Asian babes – maybe it’s their gorgeous chinky eyes or the beautiful brown skin. Whatever it may be, Naomi sure has it. This hot oriental chick knows what she wants in bed and makes sure she gets it. Good thing, we were there as she made our guy Steve get to work on her hot exotic body.

3a1.jpg 3b1.jpg 3c1.jpg

When she saw Steve, she didn’t even bother taking off her clothes. she just lifted them up and showed off her choco nips before grinding her wet furry cunt on his face. She made sure that Steve thoroughly lapped at her Asian slit before taking in his cock into her hot waiting hole. Click here to see more slutty Asian chicks!

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Teen Babe Outdoor Shower

August 29, 2007 on 9:00 am | In Black

Our girl Denise is one of our promising young stars. This black babe shows lots of potential with her gorgeous smooth skin, beautiful face and budding sexy curves. She hasn’t had any boyfriends yet and would like to get to know about men first before she does. Surely, this is one beautiful teen you’d surely want to get to know more.

2a1.jpg 2b1.jpg 2c1.jpg

Here she starts playing the innocent babe who’s just out to cool off with a quick shower. But when she noticed just how interested we are in the drops of water clinging to her velvety skin, she made sure to show off more by taking off her bikini. Soon, Denise is naked and ready for us by the pool. Click here to see gorgeous black babes!

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Latin Trio Trashing

August 28, 2007 on 6:57 am | In Latinas

With her huge tits and pretty face, Catt never had problems about men. In fact, she’s so pretty she hooks up not just with one hot stud but two gorgeous hunks. Of course, we didn’t stop Catt from having fun with her two fuckfriends just as long as she lets see the hot action and film her and her boys.

1a1.jpg 1b1.jpg 1c1.jpg

These three took their time and our hot latina made sure that each man were hard and ready for her. She started deep throating their cocks and even licking their hairy balls. When they were already hard and ready for this spicy mamacita, Catt then took her place in between them as they bang both her holes! Click here to see more latin groupsex action now!

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Denise at the Video Store

August 27, 2007 on 11:11 am | In Latinas

Our girl Denise was feeling a little horny that night and didn’t have anyone to fuck. So she decided to do it herself but wanted to buy some porn movies first. She went to her usual adult store and found that they had a new attendant – a smoking hot latino. Denise decided then to make her trip worthwhile and solve the problem of her hungry pussy.

41.jpg 42.jpg 43.jpg

It wasn’t difficult to seduce the store attendant. All Denise had to do was show off her small, pink nipped tits and hot tight body. She just started speaking dirty and the hot latino  stud was already taking out his huge dick. Denise really had fun at the video store and so did her shaven pink slit.  Click here to see more hot Latin lovers!

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Kitty Kat Plays

August 26, 2007 on 8:00 pm | In Asian

Our favorite girl Kat is back and this time, she wants to play. She arrived at our studio wearing a see-through black and red dress. She’s flirting with us, smiling and teasing us by lifting up her skirt. That was when we noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

51.jpg 52.jpg 53.jpg

Though we wanted to have a look at Kat’s tight asian body, she took her time with us and loved every minute of being a cocktease. She started spreading on a stool, just lifting her skirt up making her so slutty. When finally she sees just how much we wanted for her to strip, she finally took off the dress and started playing serious. Click here to see more feisty Asian babes!

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Posing Like a Pro

August 25, 2007 on 6:35 am | In Black

We were excited to meet Adeena – a sexy black babe who’s still fresh and a little shy. When we got to her pad, we found out that Adeena just moved in from Detroit and she’s still not sure about modelling for us. We talked her out of her fear and before long, Adeena was posing like a pro.

ba.jpg bb.jpg bc.jpg

Adeena started out a little shy, choosing to wear a hot pink tube dress. We told her to pose naturally and that was what she did. When she saw us eyeing her plump ass, she turned around and gave us a great view of her nice asset. She was then more confident in front of us and soon bent over to give us a preview of her heavenly gates.  Click here to see more slutty black whores!

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Erica Gets Excited

August 24, 2007 on 6:29 am | In Latinas

Erica is the latina hottie you’d want to meet. Gorgeous brown hair, golden smooth skin and lips so sexy they could only be good for one thing. When we found out we’d be shooting Erica fuck, we thought it was one big gift from above.

aa.jpg ab.jpg ac.jpg

She was a little shy at first, just posing and spreading seductively for us. When horny latino Eric started massaging her huge tits, Erica got wild and was soon straddling Eric and grinding her spicy latina cunt on his crotch. It didn’t take long before we got a glimpse of Erica’s hot tight hole and watch as Eric hammers this gorgeous mamacita hard.  Click here to see more gorgeous mamacitas!

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Morticia Plays by the Pool

August 23, 2007 on 6:29 am | In Black

Morticia is the kind of girl who doesn’t care where she is or who she is with – she’ll do whatever she want when she want it. That’s one thing we like about this girl, Morticia is a no fuss no trouble model and she’d do anything just to please us.

31.jpg 32.jpg 33.jpg

She started right away, licking at her huge right tit while finger fucking her black pussy. It seems like we didn’t even exist as this gorgeous ebony babe pleasured herself fast and hard. She then spreads her pussy lips to let us see how wet she is. Click here to see more naughty ebony babes!

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Mimi Serves Breakfast

August 22, 2007 on 9:00 am | In Asian

Mimi is one gorgeous Asian we’d love to have for breakfast and we know you’d want too. You’d love to run your tongue along her long lean legs or have them wrapped around you tight while you bang the hell out of her Asian hole. She might have small tits but her nips are deliciously choco brown and her waist is small.

21.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg

Here, Mimi is where we dream her to be – naked and ready for us at the kitchen. She wanted to prepare something special for us but her smooth oriental body is more than enough for our appetite. She starts posing and bending over the table before finally getting on top of it to spread her legs wide and play with her sweet wet exotic pussy. Click here to have a taste of this Asian beauty!

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