Linda’s Show

December 28, 2007 on 3:26 am | In Asian

We just wanted to make sure that Linda was ok. We didn’t want this hot chick wandering off without anyone to protect her and with a body like that, Linda sure needed protection. The hot asian chick has a killer body and that innocent sweet face would sure attract the attention of a lot of young horny men.

Linda’s Show Linda’s Show Linda’s Show

We really did want to protect Linda but it semed like we should be protecting her from us. We just can’t take our eyes off this Asian babe and when she started posing for us, we just couldn’t stop taking pictures… Well we did stop for a moment so we could tell Linda that she should probably do her strip show in the car so we could have her all for ourselves.

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Cheering Melissa Up

December 24, 2007 on 2:54 am | In Black

Melissa is just the kind of babe we’d love to hang out with. She’s funny and never boring and we always have a great time with this beautiful black babe. Plus, this hot chick allows us to flirt with her and we could even touch her anywhere if she’s up to it. So when we got an invitation to chill at her place, we eagerly accepted.

Cheering Melissa Up Cheering Melissa Up Cheering Melissa Up

Melissa was a little stressed out when we got there. She wasn’t feeling good and was so bored, we needed to do something to shake all that negativity from her. We decided to give her a foot massage and it seemed like it worked. We were just starting to squeeze and knead Melissa’s foot but she was already purring like a cat in heat. We decided that this babe needed something more than a massage to make her feel good.. Melissa has to have a dick in her cunt.

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Lusting for Lisa

December 20, 2007 on 2:18 am | In Latinas

Latina hookers are definitely the best and you could take Lisa as an example. The slutty latina babe has piercings all over her face and tongue which should give all of us a little hint of this girl’s nature. She’s also wearing knee high leather boots which just guide our eyes up into the sweet triangle of her womanhood.

Lusting for Lisa Lusting for Lisa Lusting for Lisa

Lisa knows what she’s here for so she doesn’t play coy and get right on it. She kneels down to receive our cream and she opens wide so that she doesn’t miss any drop. She then lies down so that one of us could eat her spicy cunt out while another one plugs her slutty mouth with a huge cock.

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Mara’s Back

December 17, 2007 on 2:04 am | In Asian

When we realized that we were going back to Mara’s place, we knew that we will find her hot and naked for us. Instead, this Asian babe once again surprised us by greeting us in a sexy lace dress that barely covered her pussy and her tits and paired it off with killer black heels.

Mara’s Back Mara’s Back Mara’s Back

Mara was ready for us and she eagerly bent over so that we could have a good view of that great pair of legs and those plump juicy ass cheeks. We wanted to come over and just take her from behind but we had to restrain ourselves. This girl really knows how to put on a show and we know she’d be very disappointed if we tried to do anything that would disrupt her slutty show.

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Tunisha Takes Two

December 12, 2007 on 6:05 am | In Black

Black women could handle almost anything. They are tough and they could take whatever it is you throw at them. So when we had Tunisha with us, we took advantage of everything and made sure that we got all our money’s worth with this babe. We weren’t disappointed for she performed very well.

Tunisha Takes Two Tunisha Takes Two Tunisha Takes Two

Tunisha thought that she’d be servicing just one cock. She was even happy to gobble up one but when another stud showed up and pointed his cock to her face, this ebony hottie didn’t even hesitate to jerk him off and alternately suck them both. In fact, she even suggested that they be comfortable and transfer to bed.

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Latino Group Sex

December 11, 2007 on 6:02 am | In Latinas

Every year, Cindy and her group join a nude yatch club where everyone should be naked once they board a boat. They enjoy it so much for Cindy and her friends get all the good fucking they want from hot gorgeous latinos. She never tires of going every year for there are always hot men to keep her interested.

Latino Group Sex Latino Group Sex Latino Group Sex

In fact, even before boarding the boat, Cindy and her friends already spotted a hot latino hunk to gang up on. They were quick to suck his cock and to make things more arousing for him, Cindy even offered to lick her friend’s cunt while he bangs her wet pussy from behind.

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Taija Takes it All Off

December 10, 2007 on 5:59 am | In Asian

Taija reminds us of an Asian princesswith her regal beauty. This babe is so pretty and her beauty so delicate, we were afraid that we would crush her any mnute. She was so small and tiny, we wanted to make sure that she’s not made of glass before we even started having fun with her.

Taija Takes it All Off Taija Takes it All Off Taija Takes it All Off

We told Taija to show us what she’s got and she understood right away. She was quick to take off her dress and just the view of her long legs gave us all a hardon. When it was time to show off her tits, we were all more than ready to take a shot at her tight Asian pussy.

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Allie’s Hesitant

December 9, 2007 on 5:56 am | In Black

Allie wasn’t so sure about wearing white stockings and a white corset. She was afraid that it just wouldn’t look good on her but we told her that white looks better on black, just like milk is just perfect for chocolate. She was willing enough to try it on and when we saw the results, we knew we weren’t wrong.

Allie’s Hesitant Allie’s Hesitant Allie’s Hesitant

Allie became confident when she saw how we stared and when she looked down on our bulge. She took control from there on when she bent over and showed off those plump ass cheeks. She was even nice enough to give us a great view of those round firm tits that she has.

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More of Mara

December 8, 2007 on 5:53 am | In Latinas

We are bringing you more of Mara and we know that you won’t complain. Who would want to when Mara here is beautiful and has a gorgeous body we all would like to feast on. The last time we visited Mara, she was already ready for the shoot but this time, we have to wait for her to finish her bath.

More of Mara More of Mara More of Mara

Mara was enjoying her shower so much, we didn’t want her to hurry. We were enjoying as well for seeing this spicy latina all wet with water makes us think of covering her with cum. We handed her a towel when we thought she was done but that was only the start for this babe still wants to dildo fuck.

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Mina’s on the Prowl

December 7, 2007 on 5:32 am | In Asian

Mina here is a little sex kitten who’s in the prowl. She’s looking for some hot cock to fuck her tight asian pussy and good thing we were able to catch up with her. She was dressed for the kill and her sexy lingerie and stockings just make her look both innocent and slutty.

Mina’s on the Prowl Mina’s on the Prowl Mina’s on the Prowl

Like all Asian babes, Mina here is petite and without any ounce of fat. She proudly shows off her body in her slutty underwear and before we even knew what was happening, she was naked as a newborn babe in front of us. She was already finger fucking her pussy and spreading those sexy legs.

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