Mercedez Takes Two

September 30, 2007 on 12:45 pm | In Latinas

Latina babes really can take a hard pounding and even two cocks at the same time. So when it comes to hardcore group fucking, we always turn to some trusty latina sluts to deliver. We weren’t disappointed when Mercedez answered our call for we knew that this big-titted whore can more than handle the job we appointed her.

Mercedez Takes Two Mercedez Takes Two Mercedez Takes Two

Mercedez went right on to business – bending over to suck a huge cock while motioning for the other man to fuck her cunt. When she finally had her fill of both cocks, she spread wide to have her cum-filled fanny licked and sucked. For being such great fucks, Mercedez alternately sucked their cocks and even allowed them to cum on her slutty face. Click here to see more Latina babes in action!

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Asian Lesbo Loving

September 29, 2007 on 12:35 pm | In Asian

Lorna is a young babe who still wants to experience a lot. This Asian chick still wants to learn a few tricks or two to make a man hard in seconds and even make him cum whenever she wants to. That is why she met up with her friend Annabel who was more than willing to teach her a lesson or two.

Asian Lesbo Loving Asian Lesbo Loving Asian Lesbo Loving

Anabel made Lorna start by licking a strap-on dildo. She then watched as Lorna stuffed the dildo deep into her pussy. Anabel then wore the dildo, moaning loudly as it fitted her really well. Before long, Anabel is fucking Lorna like some hot bitch. Click here for more hot Asian lesbian scenes!

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China’s Back

September 28, 2007 on 12:28 pm | In Asian

China is back and this time she’s prepared another exotic dance for us. This hot Asian chick always finds ways to entertain us and even makes sure that she does something new each and every time. This time, she’s prepared an exotic scarves dance and we are all waiting for it.

China's Back China's Back China's Back

When she walked in, she was just wearing the red silk scarf that made her even more exotic. She’d wrap it around her shoulders, leaving her pussy bare and even more noticeable. Finally, she gets a dildo and squeezes it tight between her breasts while playing with her pussy. Click here for more hot asian babes!

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Asian Roommies

September 27, 2007 on 11:19 am | In Asian

You really can’t expect for nothing to happen when you have two gorgeous hotties living in one house. Cleo and Rina are hot Asian roommies and they are already very comfortable with each other. They don’t mind if the other is walking around the house in just her panties and even likes it.

10a.jpg 10b.jpg 10c.jpg

When Cleo however came home to find Rina spread open on the couch and playing with her pussy, it was a whole different level. They first didn’t know what to do but all Cleo could think of was Rina’s hot asian pussy. She gladly went down on Rina and Rina was good enough to return the favor.

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Black Babes Teaming Up

September 26, 2007 on 11:00 am | In Black

You never really have a chance when these two black babes team up. Angel Eyes and Ice LA Fox are two hot black babes who never stop until they get what they want and this time – they’re in need for some hot cum. So they gang up on two hot dudes and have them do every nasty thing they want. Check out hot booties getting trashed here!

8a1.jpg 8b1.jpg 8c1.jpg

It started out simple enough, they met at a bar and got so horny and took the action home. These black babes however are merciless in bed and after they drained the first mature stud of cum, they went to a younger men and ganged up on him. His cock was deep into Ice’s pussy while Angel was licking his balls. It didn’t take long for him to cum too.

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Kianna Takes Charge

September 25, 2007 on 2:17 pm | In Asian

Kianna is not the kind of woman to waste time and goes straight to the point. So when we told her to give our guy Gary a treat, she didn’t waste time to dress up in her slutty outfit – see through top which showed off her huge tits and a very flirty camouflage skirt. Click here to see more hot asian babes!

7a1.jpg 7b1.jpg 7c1.jpg

This asian hottie really knows how to take charge as she pulled Gary’s head and ordered him to suck her tits hard. Next, she’s riding Gary’s mouth and grinding her juicy cunt on his face. We can’t really pity Gary when he got to try out this exotic babe’s pussy and got to bang the hell out of her cunt by the pool.

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Asian Babe Banged

September 24, 2007 on 2:11 pm | In Asian

When we got to visit Asia, we made sure to have a piece of those hot Asian women. We had out friend Danny call up a friend of his and sure enough, there was a hot Asian babe in a very revealing black dress. We wanted to be the first to have a go at her but since Danny is her fuck buddy, we just had to watch and wait for our turn.

6a.jpg 6b.jpg 6c.jpg

Cathy had firm tits and erect choco nips that we just wanted to suck and lick. Danny seemed to have read our minds as he wasted no time lapping at those gorgeous tips before he had Cathy spread to lick her pussy. We were drooling when we glimpsed Cathy’s tight Asian cunt and it took a lot of self-control not to go there and fuck her all at once.

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Luciana’s Back

September 23, 2007 on 2:11 pm | In Black

You remeber Luciana right? Well, this hot student from Connecticut is a little short of cash and offered to do another shoot for us. We didn’t really think twice about it for this hot black babe is really one great catch and watching her pose and strut her stuff is like watching a bitch in heat. Check out more hot black ass booty here!

5a2.jpg 5b1.jpg 5c1.jpg

She’s more confident now as Luciana poses with just a white vest on. She started bending over the bench, showing off those plump tight ass and sexy long legs. Then she turned around to play with her bushy box. When she noticed our bulging tent, she just ncan’t help but rub her wet black pussy to orgasm.

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Angel Rides

September 22, 2007 on 1:58 pm | In Asian

Asian babes really just have that “innocent but very fuckable” look in them that men just can’t resist. Just take a look at our hot babe Angel here. She’s only 19 and still studying but this hottie is already a master when it comes to seducing men and this time, Angel is laying it on thick.

3c3.jpg 3b3.jpg 3a3.jpg

We got to her place and saw her in just a lacy bra and panties. She just got off her bike which makes us wonder if she rode around in just her panties and that alone was enough to give us a hardon. Realizing that her plan worked, this hot asian immediately worked on her pussy and had an orgasm even before we got to her bedroom.

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Velvet Takes Two

September 21, 2007 on 1:51 pm | In Latinas

The thing with latina babes is that they are always so hot and game for anything, you can even bring along a friend to fuck her and she’d gladly give up another hole for you. Just ask our friend Simon when he got to visit his latina fuck friend Velvet Rose. Click here to check out other hot latin babes getting fucked!

2c4.jpg 2b4.jpg 2a4.jpg

He was a little nervous because he brought along his friend Andy but when Velvet Rose saw two huge hard cocks for her, she didn’t refuse and even happily sucked on both dicks. That was when Simon knew that this latina whore was game for anything and happily worked on her spicy cunt while his friend Andy has his cock deep into Velvet Rose’s throat.

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