Lacey’s Perfect

January 21, 2008 on 3:52 am | In Asian

If it were up to us, we would spend much more time with Lacey. We mean, just look at this hot Asian chick. She’s got the whole package.. beautiful sweet face, huge full tits and those sexy long legs that you know would just feel so good once they are draped around your body. Lacey is perfect and we know that you know that too.

Lacey’s Perfect Lacey’s Perfect Lacey’s Perfect

Lacey knows that we expect a lot from her and that she shouldn’t disappoint us… but this girl could never disappoint us. She doesn’t have to do anything but just spread her long smooth legs so that we could see that shaven slit of hers and make sure that her pussy’s wet and craving for some of our hard cocks.

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Good as Chocolate

January 17, 2008 on 3:49 am | In Black

Cocoa is just like hot chocolate that would get you warm and feeling good in no time. The black teen has this sweet innocent face but when you stare down, you’d know that this angel has got the body of a devil. She’s all woman with her cruves and those tits are just asking for attention being big and luscious as they are.

Good as Chocolate Good as Chocolate Good as Chocolate

Cocoa would then bend over to make sure that we just don’t appreciate her tits.. we also to adore that big firm butt of hers. We started thinking of spanking those luscious globes but we wanted Cocoa to take her time with us. We wanted her hot and craving for our fuck that she’d just be melting the moment we touch her.

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Letting Mercedes

January 13, 2008 on 3:46 am | In Latinas

If we had a girl like Mercedes in our bed, we wouldn’t want to get out. Mercedes likes to stay in bed and she’d really like it more if we get to stay with her. The latina babe likes to put on a show and right now, she’s all ready to give us one great performance and she’s wearing nothing to make sure that we don’t get distracted.

Letting Mercedes Letting Mercedes Letting Mercedes

Mercedes would turn serious one moment and playful the next. We never really know what’s next with this babe but we won’t be complaining. It’s fun wondering what Mercedes will do next and as long as it involves more of the pussy flaunting she’s doing now, we’d glaldy just sit still and watch her do her show.

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Mimi’s Meals

January 9, 2008 on 3:41 am | In Asian

If it was someone like Mimi preparing and serving our breakfast, we wouldn’t have problems waking up early morning just so we could sample this beautiful Asian chick’s goods. Mimi is a sure knock out and she never fails to brighten our day with that inviting warm smile and that sexy petite body of hers.

Mimi’s Meals Mimi’s Meals Mimi’s Meals

Mimi prepares breakfast naked… just the way we want it. It gives us all the time in the world to feast our eyes out on her pert small tits and that small waist plus her plump tight ass. She’s looking so delicious, she’s all we could ever want for breakfast and we want her spread on our table ready to receive our meat.

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More Of Maricris

January 5, 2008 on 3:38 am | In Black

We can still remember Maricris last visit and it still makes us hard thinking of Maricris huge natural tits. That is why we were so excited when we heard that she’s returning and this time, she’s prepared something special for us. She wouldn’t say what it is but we were pleased when we found out for ourselves.

More Of Maricris More Of Maricris More Of Maricris

Maricris was wearing a sweet yet very sexy lace white lingerie. The nightie just makes her huge tits pop out and seeing her nipples peak through the material just makes our imagination run wilder. We wanted to have go over there and check those hooters ourselves but we decided to let Maricris finish her show first.

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Ice Heats Things Up

January 1, 2008 on 3:31 am | In Latinas

Ice Sylvio is nothing but cold. The hot latina babe is so hot she could probably give a dead man a boner. She walked into our office looking like she owned the place and with that tiny plaid skirt she’s wearing, we will be more than happy to just hand it to her. In fact, we would give this spicy mama anything she could want and we bet that you would too.

Ice Heats Things Up Ice Heats Things Up Ice Heats Things Up

Well, it seems like Ice only wanted one thing.. a huge dick. Ice posed and flaunted her asset and was even masturbating in front of us before she finally took her price. She was moaning wildly as she bounced up and down a hard dick and got a facial right there on our office floor.

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